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Brotherly advice

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Описание: Violet Starr is one super hot chick who wants advice from her stepbrother about what men want. She is asking for his opinion on her dress and her brother informs her that her boyfriend would be more interested in whether or not she is wearing sexy lingerie under the dress. She is, but she doesn't want to show him. However, he convinces her that this is all good because he's her stepbrother and will give her an honest opinion. She strips down into some really sexy lingerie and he approves. The next day, he walks into her bedroom and sees her tied to the bed in a t-shirt and panties. Her boyfriend ran out on her. He suggests that she should let him finish the job he ran out on. She says he can fuck her if he keeps his mouth shut about the whole incident. He agrees very quickly to this offer. He fucks the shit out of stepsister and then unties her. The next day, she finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her. Her brother suggests that she get even with him by shooting a sextape with the two of them fucking. She agrees. They turn on the video camera and she starts sucking his dick and then gets fucked hard while telling the camera how much she enjoys it. Her brother and her having sex is the perfect revenge sex tape to show her boyfriend. He'll love the part where Violet's stepbrother busts a nut all up inside her velvety throat. Maybe then he will realize what he is missing.
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