She voted and I stopped the car.

- Belyaevo - she said. And I realized that the girl is drunk.

- Sit down. - I said, opening the door.

She flopped down on the seat. It was the first hour of the night. Stock trading on the New York Stock Exchange kept me at work until late, yielding substantial income, which allowed me not to care about prices in stores.

I love drunk women and always try to get them drunk before I fuck. They then forget about all their complexes and taboos. The drunk woman even fucks in a special way, without thinking about anything, even in her pussy, even in the ass.

- What's your name? - I asked.

- Ira.

- From the party going?

- Why?

- Just because. What drank?

- Whiskey. It can be seen that drunk?

- It is clear that I had a good time.

- No, I'm drunk, in the nozzle.

Suddenly she asked ...

- You want me?

I looked at her, young, about 18-19 years old, not more.

- Caress yourself, I will look, while we go.

She silently lifted her skirt and began to rub herself, first over the top of her stockings, and then she put her hand inside and rubbed her clit. I could not resist and also stretched out my hand, immediately shoving it in pantyhose and feeling the wet lips of the vagina. Her fingers immediately plunged into the hot honey of her juices.

- You just got fucked?

- Yeah. She mumbled.

“How old are you,” I asked, continuing to caress her.

- 21, why?

“You look good,” I replied, thrusting a finger inside her.

I stopped at a traffic light and continued to study her vagina. She picked up the skirt for herself, freeing her legs and spreading them far to the sides. Tights were tight and she wore panties, which, however, completely soaked with moisture. Her thighs were warm and silky to the touch. She did not shave her pubis and hair tickled my hand. My middle finger went deep into her wet crevice.

The traffic light switched, but it's good that I have an automatic transmission and, without listening to my hands, I drove on. But soon I had to cuddle up to the curb and stop. The girl wanted to finish and began to twitch, and it was already dangerous. The car stopped and I continued to caress her. In the second hand, I began to stroke her legs.

- Stop it, stop it, my little one. - I repeated and stuck my finger deeper and deeper, pinning it to the seat.

- Come on, girl, stop it. She bent and a sharp movement and lowered both pantyhose and underwear to the knees.

- Faster Faster. - she pressed my hand with both hands.

- That's it, my good, like this. Her movements became increasingly convulsive, she was close to orgasm. With one hand, she suddenly pulled off her blouse and pulled off her bra, pulling out her breasts.

- Kiss, nipples, kiss. Her fingers grabbed the protruding nipple and began to crush it without waiting for me to cling to it with my lips.

- Ebi me, ebi, stronger, more, oh, jerking, but jerking !!!

- Oh, you, you drunk pussy, fucked you a little, finish it, bitch, I will jerk you off, you will suck me later, damn drunk.

- Suck, only stronger, even deeper, go there ..., fuck me, fuck ..., my sweet.

With my free hand, I unzipped the zipper and pulled out a standing member, pointing it towards this ebony woman.

She grabbed my dick and began to pull it, trying to get into her rhythm. She succeeded in this and I felt a wave of pleasure rolling on me. I absolutely did not expect to fuck her for real, and so, I would not.

The girl was finally finish. From it flowed like a hose. I love it when women end up plentifully, as if peeing. This is actually almost pissed, until she finished, she screamed and twitched in a fit of passion, holding my penis with one hand. Her palm skillfully moved along the member and I let go of myself, filling her with my sperm. I have not fucked for 5 days already, so I threw out all the stock on it.

Finishing, she pressed my palm with her hand and pressed it into herself. From it poured a thick liquid. She leaked onto the seat. Ira went limp, legs, which she squeezed during an orgasm, opened again and lay limply on the torpedo, opening my eyes to her eyes with the liquid flowing out.

- You are master. - she frowned in some kind of half-nap.

- I want to date with you. I will do whatever you want and how you want. Say you love.

- I love women in pantyhose, especially when they are drunk as you are now.

- I'll get drunk for you and I have pantyhose with a hole on ... she hesitated ... pussy. Caress me more. Gently ... rub me.

I moved closer to her, as far as the car's interior allowed it, and again I ran my fingers into her vagina. I gently stroked her lips and still excited clit, pubic hair. Time has lost its meaning. There were only us and our lust. She became excited again. My wife is sometimes so excited if you catch the moment. Then she can jerk off for half an hour, until she finishes again.

The girl was still wet and her excitement intensified.

- Take me home. I will wear tights for you.

“Then I drive, and you entertain me.”

- How?

- You tell about yourself. Your fantasies and do not be shy.

- Do you want to know how I fuck? - the girl grew bolder.

- Exactly how, when, how you caress yourself, how you start. In general, all that you have time.

- I love to fuck, I love to jerk myself. You know how I masturbate myself. I come home and sometimes just entering the apartment, pick up my skirt in front of the mirror or drop my jeans and immediately run my finger there. I have a guy at work, from whom I just flow. I sometimes go to the toilet and masturbate there. You know, women in general, but when they want someone, they often end up in the toilet. And once on New Years, I got drunk, because he, bastard, simply did not notice me, I wanted him so much that I ran about it three times, imagine. I was all wet, even the dress. And I have a vibrator, I'll show you. For some reason, I took him with me. Oh, I was drunk, as now, with anyone I was ready to fuck. Well, fucked ... only with a woman. We have, it turns out, one lesbian works or bi, who knows her. Only she, too, then came into the toilet, well, and saw me, but I still had someone who would just fuck someone. Well, she pulled me, my vibrator. It was great. We pootom a couple of times fucking with her, right at work. She's really aged 40 years. But the figure and cunt ... nothing that I swear ... just a lovely sight, smooth, it smells like gingerbread, really.

“Yours smells good too.” - I said.

- Why do you love drunk women? She suddenly asked.

- Because fuck is better. More relaxedness.

- It's right. When I drink myself, I forget everything except ... this. Posto fly away. And myself, that you drink.

- Red wine.

- And I love martini. She used to grind me all over, and at work too. She put me in a chair in her office, she was the head of the department, let me pantyhose and began to kiss. I just went. About the fact that the toilet was, I have a little forgotten. What she did with the language with me, you can not imagine. And then she got the vibrator out of the box, she, probably, at work, too, is delayed. And I fucked with a vibrator, it was great, I then finished three times. She then called me home. Nice apartment, big, like in the movies. She licked me all over there, I did her too. Cool woman. Understands. Are you old, well, those who are 40, fucked?

- Fucked.

- So how?

- Wonderful.

- Tell me.

- You tell me, and I carry.

- Ok, not far from here. She was then upset that I did not go to her. Then I went to her again, she gave me a lot of money. Fucked me in all holes, bitch. Then I again all finished off as a youngster.
- Why as a youngster?

- When I was about 16 years old, I finished five times a day, you know that when you constantly run out of your pussy and you want to fuck, you can’t sit on the lessons when you can even stick your whole hand in there. I finished in the school toilet, by the way in your favorite tights. I love them myself, sometimes I wear them without panties. I feel myself then full ... fucking. I can shove anyone, flowing, like a bitch.

She put her hand between her legs again and rubbed her pussy. She again pulled out her pantyholes, which she had time to put on and began to stroke herself. Then she stuck her finger deep, took it out and licked it.

I unzipped and said ... - Suck ...

She looked at me and leaned over. Her lips were right and she sucked great. I waited until she brought me to the brink of orgasm and said ... - Everything, everything, wait, otherwise there will be nothing to do at home if I finish again now.

- Do not want? Do you love ass?

- I love.

- I once fucked in the ass, and I jerked myself with a vibrator. Oh, I want to write, I drank so much that I can describe myself now.

I stopped the car.

- Pee. I'll see.

- Nothing interesting.

- Write.

She got out of the car and crouched beside the door. I watched. She purred.

- Oh, how I want you ...

She wrote long and loud. Then she pulled on her pantyhose and got into the car.

After a while we drove up to her house. I locked the car and we went up to its floor. While rising, I could not resist the temptation and, lifting the skirt began to caress her ass. My middle finger lingered between the buttocks, trying the anus. She just melted with pleasure. Truly drunk women will give everything. Now I sincerely wanted to fuck her.

When we arrived, I asked her to sit in a chair and spread her legs and began to admire her crotch.

- Lean on tights and underpants and caress yourself while I bring a drink, where you stand.

- In a refrigerator. - She said, lowering her tights. Pour me too.

- You have a great cunt.

I went to the kitchen and poured drinks. Martini.

When I returned, she was sitting in the most depraved pose I had seen. The legs are spread apart, three fingers are tucked inside the vagina, with the other hand she is massaging the clitoris.

For some reason it reminded me of one party when I was still a student.

My friend, who studied as a massage therapist, had a cloud of people on his birthday party. Young, funny and cheerful students and little students. There was a lot of things on the table - wine, vodka, snacks, traditional chicken was baked in the oven. I was alone, because Slavik told me that there would be many girls who did not mind. After vague notions, everyone sat down and began to devour everything that came to hand and drink everything that flowed. An hour later, we reached the desired state and looked at each other with love and lust. Girls from the medical college began to flaunt Latin terms, which colloquially means very interesting places, organs and events. It was getting hot. It was a time when young girls had not yet worn an ugly unisex, and skirts and dresses were spent on them. Somehow themselves formed a pair of interests. My companion, who showed a keen interest in me, was a skinny blonde and appeared later than everyone with a friend who was fuller than her and not as beautiful as Natasha. As they stated, having appeared on the threshold, they fled from another birthday, where it was boring and everyone just drank. Both were excited from drunk earlier and they wanted something sharp. Therefore, when the foot of my interlocutor opposite touched me under the table, I was not surprised. Her foot began to rub my shin and rose higher, a lustful smile wandered on her face. Soon Slavik announced dancing. Of course, we danced together, if it could be called dancing, because immediately we began kissing passionately. She smelled of perfume and alcohol. Her mouth was wet and greedy. Suddenly, her hand squeezed between us and grabbed my hardened member.

- Oh, oh, oh, and you already got up. And I'm wet, touch me, how wet I am.

And she made me put my hand under her short skirt. She had a syrup between her legs, sticky and plentiful, despite her panties and pantyhose. Tights were tight and flesh-colored. On her legs were light shoes to match the skirt. I continued to enjoy her kisses, which were becoming more passionate and unrestrained. Her friend was sitting on a broken sofa and watching us, there was no one next to her, the other couples did about the same thing as Natasha and I. I heard Slavik tell the brunette about a tantric love story, tightly pressing her to him. The brunette had already picked up properly and said she was ready for anything. Slavik massaged her ass and kissed her ear.

Then part of the public flowed smoothly back to the table. We are back too. They again raised toasts to Slavik the hospitable host, drank again, ate again, and again went to the room where the music was playing. But while we were in a room where there was a hundred, chairs and armchairs, some of the girls sat in armchairs and, as it were, casually showed us their charms. This was held under the motto of “accidental seduction,” although there was nothing accidental about it. Natasha sat down in a low chair and acted as instigators, whispering something in the ear of her less pretty, but no less excited girlfriend. The girlfriend looked at me and slowly spread her legs so that her crotch could be seen. Under black tights, she wore light panties and the contrast was clearly visible. Her fingers slowly lifted the hem of her skirt, exposing her hips. Natasha immediately joined her, crossing her beautiful long legs. Then she sat in a chair, placing them under her and revealing a frank view of the place where her legs joined. It was noticeable that the moisture had not yet dried out and the dark stain stood out against the background of light tights, but that did not embarrass her. Standing in front of Natasha in such a way that only she could see, I put my hand in my pocket and frankly stroked my standing member. She immediately put her hand under her skirt and rubbed herself, as if to say she was ready to play. But this kind of game is difficult to lead in a room full of people. However, I continued, although massage of the penis through the pants is not the most pleasant thing, especially when there is a girl in such a frank pose and you know that her cunt is wet and that she does not mind having sex. Natasha also continued to caress herself between her legs.

Her friend, while continuing to look at me with a somewhat vague and lustful look, (apparently she had already begun to dream and imagine something) held both hands between her thighs and gently stroked them. I barely refrained from unbuttoning the zipper and throwing out my tight cock and not ending right among all. Who would know how I wanted to do just that.

Somewhat distantly, I heard the intoxicating voices of other guests, among whom I recognized the voice of a brunette, with a slightly obscene tongue she said she could arrange no worse. For a moment, I turned around and saw her standing near the table, one leg on the chair, a light dress raised and a hand stroking the thigh. Slavik did not get lost and stroked her from behind. After the brunette joined the show, all the barriers collapsed. I was between Natasha and her friend. Natasha changed her position and her legs were on the armrests of the chair; she put herself on public display and those who wanted to watch her fingers caress the moist crotch again. She was enjoying this incredible pleasure, saying with all her looks, I like to caress myself, and you like to look at it, so look.

I think that in those days Natasha masturbated two times a day. One day after, she told me that she had finished in a crowded subway, on a long stretch between Frunze and the University.
I leaned over to her and began to kiss on the lips, while at the same time, with nervous movements, unbuttoning the buttons of the blouse. Looking up, she said ...

“You liked Svetka very much, caress her and then me.” It just flows from you.

She said it in such a way that I obeyed, no, no, I obeyed.

At that moment I did not realize that they were girlfriends-mistresses, but then Natasha told me how they rested together in Truskavets and how gentle Sveta was, better than anyone.

I looked at Sveta and realized that before orgasm she was left a little bit, she would be the first to finish today. I sank down in front of her and ran my hands over the warm, tender, nylon-covered thighs. She even trembled. I spat on everything and everyone and buried my face in her crotch, having time to feel the sweet smell of her juices, and began to lick the nylon soaked with moisture. Her hill was very bulging and elastic. To make it easier to caress her, I put my hands under her buttocks and pulled her to me. She half hung from the chair, exposing herself and spreading her legs wide. My palms held her elastic ass, fingers breaking through to the anus. I tried to pull off her tights to get to her flesh. Her juices had time to moisten everything around, their smell was pleasant and even gentle. I put her finger and kissing and sucking the clitoris quickly brought her to orgasm. She finished violently, convulsively shuddering, juice poured out of her pussy, which I licked. My excitement reached the boiling point. But I was pleased that Sveta had finished. She remained in the chair with her legs divorced in a semi-conscious state, teasing everyone with a frank pose. One of the guests did not leave her attention and sat down to kiss the shamelessly open pussy.

By this time, Natasha had time to drink, and she was just thirsting for someone to impale her on her dick.

The brunette, completely drunk on champagne, fucked on the sofa, exposing her ass, while she rubbed her crotch and made sounds that only said that she enjoyed and only enjoyed the fat member that was tearing at her flesh.

Worst of all, there was another girl who, apparently, was ready to fuck, but not in a group or in the light, she tried to fight off another guest who put her hand between her legs and caressed her. She also enjoyed it, but was shy about it. I realized that alcohol and the general atmosphere of permissiveness did their job, everyone will fuck everyone.

There were six girls and all six were in the room and all six were hot and hot.

Natasha, who was completely drunk, stood on all fours on the floor, lowered her tights and lifted her dress and waited. I sank to the floor beside her. I grabbed her hips and pressed against them.

- Fuck me. Well fuck.

- Tell me you're drunk and you want me.

“I'm drunk and I want you so that ... fuck me.”

Taking out a member without removing the pants (it is always uncomfortable), I began to insert it into the wet slit of Natasha's pussy.

Everything that happened around, excited everyone so much that the remnants of decency were cast aside and madness seized us. Even a cute shy girl gave herself to her gentleman. He squeezed and crushed her, caressed her legs and chest. Her head was thrown back, her mouth was half-open and she was breathing heavily as he caressed her crotch.

Someone has already begun to sob from surging feelings. The abundance of flushed female flesh drove crazy and I was afraid to finish ahead of time.

Natasha eagerly drove her ass and asked to enter it deeper. I stuck my dick into Natasha and began to fuck her. Her cunt squished with every my jerk. I rested against her ass and held the thighs with my palms.

Someone made an orgasmic shout like a growl. For a moment I looked up from Natasha and looked around. I saw naked breasts around, lowered tights, raised skirts, and taken off pants.

Sveta, who had finished before everyone else, stood swaying, with a glass of champagne in her hand. She pulled on her pantyhose, but was without a skirt, skirt lying on the floor. With her other hand, she again caressed herself between her legs. Wow temperament.

On the sofa someone fucked someone, but I only saw backs.

I pulled out a member of Natasha's pussy and began to massage her anus and at the same time the clitoris, putting my hand between my legs, her juices were pouring onto my palm, her ass instantly became wet. She finished and collapsed forward and froze.

With a standing member, I approached Sveta, turned her around and kissed her, with both hands pulled off her tights and panties completely imbued with her discharge. She stooped and I inserted my dick into her. After a few short jolts, I threw out a charge of sperm on her, smearing her thick buttocks with white thick liquid. Then I rubbed her clit until she cum a second time and sank to the floor, leaning against the leg of the table. The orgy continued.

I decided to go pour and wash.

All the girls were drunk and hot. When I opened the toilet door, I was somewhat surprised to see Natasha, whom I had lost sight of, while fucking her girlfriend. She sat on the seat, lowered her panties and tights, and again jerked off. Her swollen clitoris was clearly visible. She looked at me with a clouded look and said,

- Oh, it's you, suck me. I'm drunk as I plucked up. You liked Sveta, she's great ... fucking. I myself love to fuck her. Well, suck me, please ...

I clung to her vagina, sucking the clitoris and rubbing my tongue through the folds of my lips.

The door opened again, I looked around, there was a “touchy” on the threshold, apparently, but he also wanted to write. She was deliciously drunk. This made me very excited again, two drunk girls, in the toilet. One of which shamelessly put his wet clit, and the other is about to describe.

- I seem to be interfering ... - mumbled "touchy".

Natasha got up from the seat.

- All the buzz broke.

Somehow, in an incomprehensible way, they swapped places and the “impatiens” of the village, lifting up the skirt and lowering the linen. Yes, “touchy” was drunk, because when I pulled out my dick and shoved it in her mouth, she began to suck it like candy. At the same time she wrote and enjoyed little with what is comparable. Her warm lips enveloped the head of my penis, and my tongue caressed the very tip.

Natasha hugged me from behind and caressed the eggs, lightly scratching them with her nails.

She whispered ... - She's beautiful, right? I would lick her, bitch.

Suddenly she pushed me away and began to kiss the "touchy", and put her hand between her legs, pressing her wet crotch with her hand.

“Come on, cum on me, come on,” she said almost evil.

The girl leaned back, forgetting about me, spread her legs wide and often began to breathe, resting her palms on the seat.

Pushed back to the exit, I was behind Natasha. I began to stroke her pantyhose-covered buttocks and put my hand between her legs again to feel the wet heat of her pussy. She seemed to be waiting for this and, putting her backside down, spread her legs wider, having managed to say ...

I began to rub her panty-covered pussy, then I put my hand under them and began to caress everything, sliding my palm over the wet crotch.

Natasha passionately kissed the "touchy", leaning on her all over, her hands caressing the girl's piles and clit. I again wanted to fuck Natasha. A sharp movement, I pulled off her pantyhose to the knees, fingers parted his lips and inserted a not very hard member into the entrance and entered into it. My movements inside her were slow and gentle, I then introduced the penis to the end, then almost pulled it out. Natasha moaned with pleasure, not forgetting the "touchy". I relaxed and could fuck her for a long, long time, enjoying the process itself. I do not know what was happening at that time in other places, but I really liked what was happening here. "Impatiens" completely lost control and began to carry all sorts of nonsense. In addition, when she had finished, she pissed and completely softened. Then I did not know that a woman in orgasm can be described with delight. She somehow tried to twitch, but she did not hold back and simply splashed forward, pouring out streams of what she had finished with a golden liquid. I did not even see it, but I felt it was indescribable in words. Then I was not surprised by this, and when the women finished like this, I thanked them and they left satisfied. But only a drunk woman who does not care, sober, no matter how excited she may be, will never allow this to happen, which is a pity. That's why I love the drunken women, they let themselves go one hundred percent.

My new girlfriend also let herself go one hundred percent, frantically jerking off. The swollen and reddened clitoris was clearly visible between the folds. She wanted to finish, then I arrived in time with drinks. Moisture flowed out of the opened pussy and the fabric of the chair with which she sat was soaked with it.

I gave her a glass. She broke off to take a drink from him. I sank to the floor and began to caress her clit gently and slowly, I stroked the swollen bump and folds of the disgusting lips, as if they were relics of a religious cult. She liked it.

- Nobody caressed me so much. She whispered.

- They are all idiots. They do not know how to caress a woman.

I clung to her slit and began to lick the swollen clitoris, as if this was the last time. Then I pulled the gum and went into it.

After she came over and I finished, we lay nearby and I went through her pubic hair, waiting for a new erection, because I realized that the girl wanted more. I came to my senses for a long time, my member refused to respond to what was happening. Probably age. She lay with pantyhose lowered, with the current pussy, which I really wanted to lick. I took the glass and poured the remains on her crotch, she shivered, but said nothing. Alcohol began to pinch its delicate tissues and caused a natural reaction of the new arousal. I began to rub her clitoris and crotch again, then began to kiss and caress the clitoris. Then she quietly slid to the floor and we lay nearby, alternately caressing each other. Then we fell asleep.

In the morning we woke up nearby. She unzipped me again and began to suck my flaccid cock. He gradually came to a fighting position and I terribly wanted to insert it into her ass.

I turned my mistress on the stomach and began to lick her from behind. She liked it and she put aside ass so that it was more convenient for me to lick her. That was great. I put my finger in her ass and began to masturbate to pull on her. Then I brought a member to her pussy and began to tickle her. And then I could not resist and stuck him in her pussy and then finished.

Then we met a few more times, and then she left.