My history teacher, Nadezhda Sergeevna, a 25-year-old woman with red hair, always braided in a pigtail in the back, 4 breasts and charming ass, was constantly the subject of my erotic fantasies. I masturbated at her, in class I was distracted to look at the teacher’s beautiful breasts, thankfully, the first school of the first row allowed me to do this. And once such a story happened to me that I will probably never forget. It was at the end of the first half of the school year, before the new year. Everyone was preparing to go on vacation, congratulated each other on the upcoming. It remained to learn nothing at all - 2 days. At the lessons we practically did nothing, just sat and talked on different topics, talked and just fool around. But, since I was an excellent student, I needed to pull up some items, which is why I had to go to Nadezhda Sergeyevna to get 5 for a quarter. Saying goodbye to friends, I, after my lessons, moved into the teacher’s study in history. She sat at her desk and looked at something on the computer. Knocking, I entered, she immediately turned on me and we started talking:

- Oh, Andrew, is that you? Come to fix 4? - she smiled.

- Yes, Nadezhda Sergeevna, you understand, I am an excellent student, and I need only 5 in the quarter. How can I improve my assessment?

- Well, to get a treasured quarter in a quarter, you will need to try. Are you ready? - she said it with a note of uncertainty, which caused me a little surprise, but I immediately answered her with confidence:

- Yes, of course, I am ready. What do I need to do, will you give me independent work or will I rewrite the control, which I did at 4?

She hesitated, it is clear that she is not very sure of her answer, but still she gave it to me.

- You will do independent work, but not usual, but something else.

She got up from her chair, came up to me and, taking my hands, put them on her chest. After that, I ohrenel a little. To say that I was in shock - to say nothing. Do I dream this? Nadezhda Sergeyevna hustled her boobs with my hands, after which she slowly approached me and kissed me. It was a sweet, sweet strawberry-flavored kiss. From this, my cock immediately rose to its limit (18 cm). I stopped kneading her lush buffers in order to pull off her yellow, slightly transparent blouse through which the bra was visible. Also unbuttoning him, I gently, with a slight movement, removed this barrier from the chest of my beloved teacher. Before my eyes appeared beautiful two balls, elastic and standing in a firm position. Her nipples were pink, they were not too large, but still quite wide. I stopped kissing her and stared at the travels of her aspirations into her boobs, accompanying the kisses of these charms with my hands, which crushed the teacher’s breasts, stroked and squeezed. She flinched a little and published a light one hundred, then another. Leaning against my ear, she whispered:

- Take off your pants, an excellent student.

I obeyed her. Unfastening the belt, I pulled the pants off my feet, then began to take on my underpants. Meanwhile, Nadezhda Sergeyevna locked the door and threw it on her desk. While I pulled off all my underwear, she pulled out white thin panties from under her black skirt. Grabbing them, I began to smell this underwear, it smelled of roses, from which I was only more excited. Taking it, I put it on my knees and began to stick my cock in my mouth. She willingly accepted it. Licking her tongue over her head, she began eagerly sucking her student's penis. Hope sucked so well that after a while I realized that I was going to cum in her mouth, and it happened. She swallowed everything up to a drop, after which she just smiled and stood up. I put it on the desk at which my best friend is sitting and spread her legs. I began to lick her pussy, simultaneously stroking the teacher's nipples. Moving my tongue harder, I made the teacher moan louder and louder. She stroked my hair, and with her other hand she jerked off her smoothly shaved pubis. Finally, from such hectic pleasure, she huddled, trembled, made a loud moan, in other words, Nadezhda Sergeevna had finished. After this, my dick got up and tensed even harder, I wanted to insert into it. She smiled at me and we kissed, I didn’t want to let go of her soft lips, and it seemed she didn’t want either. But it was time to move on to the next phase. I took her by the hips and moved to her, pulling her black skirt closer to her boobs, I opened my eyes again on the smooth, beautiful vagina of Nadia. I took a member in my right hand and slowly put it in my vagina. She moaned, I began to move on. I began to fuck her faster and faster. Nadezhda Sergeevna was moaning, pulling her boobs, stroking her pubis. And I helped her with this, I eagerly clutched her hands in her chest did not let go until the very moment, until I realized that already at the limit, quickly sticking the dick out of Hope's pussy, I brought it to her mouth and stuck it straight into the cavity. She began to suck it, inside processing language. I felt the sperm already breaking free from my dick and starting to flow like a river into the throat of a history teacher. She moaned. I decided to continue our sex and turned her cancer. Thrusting her fingers into her mouth and typing her saliva, I began to lubricate her anus. Having crushed Nadezhda Sergeevna's ass, I slowly inserted a penis into her anus. She made a very loud moan, but did not resist. I began to move on and on, completely inserting a member in the anal woman. And in this position, I began to fuck her, quickly and hard. She moaned like me. We enjoyed it. After a while in this position, we both were at the limit. Hope finished, she began to squirm and tremble. I also felt that I could no longer hold on and ended up right in her ass. After that we kissed her. Nadezhda Sergeyevna got dressed, but she never returned her panties back to her beautiful ass, she gave them to me and gave her address so that sometimes I came to visit her on vacation and had a good fuck. It was a magical day, get 5, fuck a beautiful woman and get her body for the future. We said goodbye to her, kissing again. The next day we did not have a lesson from her, but on vacation we still saw each other ...