It happened this summer in the suburbs. My mother is a very rich woman who has her own chain of expensive shops. And so it happened that my father went to another when I was 5 years old. I really lacked a man's shoulder, and what can I say I was drawn to men much older than myself. I am a beautiful slim girl with fiery red hair and with the second breast breast I am an athlete. And so my figure is taut. I am 16 years old.

It was a typical summer day. Mom said that a friend and part-time colleague from Siberia should come to her. We went to the country on the ruble we have a luxury house there. Well, I'm sitting in the gazebo reading a book, and a car like a Lexus pulls up to our gates. Out of the car came a handsome man of not very tall. To be honest, at first I did not pay attention to him, but continued to read further. He entered the house, and I stayed in the gazebo.

After 10 minutes I heard the voice of my mother she called me to the house. I put the book and went into the house. When I entered the house there he stood a real-looking man, 60 years old. Suede boots on the legs, black ironed pants, and a black shirt with two buttons on the neck. He was wearing glasses, as they went to him! At the sight of such a man my pisya flowed. I will say that I did not have sex. But I wanted to offer me guys many times, but they didn’t excite me.

He kissed my hand and introduced himself as Igor. His hands were rough and I was baldered by his touch. In his eyes, I immediately caught a shadow of excitement, I saw he wants me. And as best I could, I didn’t show it. Then our cook invited us to the table. Mom and Igor discussed the work plan for the coming months. Then he began to ask me about my future life, and so on. From the conversation I learned that he is a former football player and mother's former classmate and best friend. He arrogantly stared at me devouring my body with brown hazel eyes. I quickly became agitated and left the table, saying to my mother that Igor had a headache. I was escorted by a greedy look. In fact, I went to the river. And she began to masturbate. Oh, how I wanted him! I understood that he was good for me in my grandfathers and my closeness with him does not shine.

I sat by the river nearing sunset. And here he came. He spoke to me saying that my mother was urgently called to work. He sat down and looked at me at such an innocent girl. And then he asked me if I was a virgin. I answered that yes. He asked if I wanted him to make me a woman. This question really embarrassed me. He looked straight at me. And you know. What am I? I did not answer him. I kissed him, he did not expect such a turn of events. But still answered a more passionate kiss.

He threw me on the grass and it turned out that he was on top of him, he kissed me. So gently that was a shiver through the body. I felt like his mound rested against my pussy. He began to undress me, but due to strong excitement he did not do well. And he, like a beast growling, tore off her dress, hopelessly tearing it up. He seemed convulsed. He looked at my body for about 5 minutes. He admired me.

I could not tolerate and helped him unbutton his pants. And then he took out his large penis, I saw how he was throbbing. Seemingly a centimeter of 22. He sank down and kissed me gently on the lips and began to whisper how delicious I am. As I wanted it, I already had it all there! He said it was time. He promised that it would not hurt and he kept his promise. He gently began to enter me, I was all tense and he said relax. He quietly drove his dick back here to let me get used to it and then abruptly stepped forward along the very testicles. I screamed and he just said, well, that's all my little.

And kissed on the lips. He entered me deeply accelerating and slowing down the pace. I was in seventh heaven. So lasted about two hours. Then I took his dick in her mouth and began to suck ineptly, but he was grateful for that too. He constantly insisted that I was the most indescribable creature created by God. I licked his head smacking lips pulling his testicles. Finally, he began to finish. He finished making long snarling noises. He finished on my chest and tummy.
We fell from powerlessness on the grass and caressed each other. He constantly said words of gratitude. Then we went swimming and doing it and water. He would be insatiable. But soon my mother was supposed to come and we hurried to the house, he carried me in his arms. And in the room I dressed myself pre caressing. We kissed for a long time. And I wore him a shirt nezzastygnuv last two buttons. Then we realized that we love each other before my 18th birthday. He came to Moscow three times a year. He had no family or children. Now I am 20, we have a little son, he is two years old. Igor loves him very much. Mom nurses him. Young grandmother. She understands us with him and believes that this is love.