Dear reader, I want to tell a story that happened to me not so long ago.

I will tell a little about myself. I am tall, a little plump, but it only paints, a magnificent bust of 4 sizes, wide hips, narrow waist, generally an hourglass figure.

I live in a small town. Parents for the new year made me a gift and sent me to Novosibirsk, to visit. This made me very happy, it was my first independent trip. Because Mom was afraid to send me alone, bought a ticket in the reserved seat, and then you never know who the neighbor will be in the compartment.

So, let's start about the most important thing.

I got on the train, thinking that in one and a half days I would be there, dreaming of meeting with my relative, I hadn’t seen her for a long time.

In anticipation of everything, I did not notice how a guy settled down on the bottom shelf, he was tall, handsome, stately, but his grandmother was a hindrance. I spent the whole evening reading a book, I fell asleep closer to the night.

I wake up in the morning because someone climbs onto the top shelf, as I noticed my companion’s grandmother had already gone, but I didn’t pay attention and fell asleep further. When everyone got up, I had time to wash, and on the train it is very difficult, because it’s a turn. Finally woke up and he. And we started a conversation, as it turned out his name is Max, and he is not much older than me.

For half a day we talked, laughed, played cards, generally enjoyed ourselves and no one bothered us. Already at night, we were sitting on my shelf, I was sitting in the lotus position on my legs was a pillow, and on the pillow was his head. As it happened, I didn’t even notice how his hands entwined around my neck, he pulled me to himself and kissed me on the lips, so gently ... and at the same time passionately.

Our tongues intertwined into one, he kissed me on the neck, it really excited me, while we were kissing, I took off his button-down jacket and stroked his torso, he was awesome, wide chest, a little visible press dice. I noticed how he was excited by his pants. He got up and called me behind him. He first went to the toilet, and I followed him, no one saw, because it was, first of all, dark, and secondly, everyone was asleep.

I went after him, and before he could close the door, he pulled me to him and, without any tenderness, started to tear my clothes like a beast, my pants were already wet for a long time, he noticed this slyly smiled, and pulled them off . I stood completely naked in front of an unfamiliar guy, he also dropped his pants, and sat down on the toilet, I did not notice around, the fact that there was unsanitary conditions, I was shaking from excitement.

Maxim, took my hand and pulled me to him. I sat on his knees, we started kissing, it was a hot, passionate kiss, so no one had ever kissed me, then he came down lower and lower, and now he was sucking my nipples, I moaned from pleasure and podrachal his cock, impressive size. He raised me and put his gun to my untouched "rose" slightly spread the "petals" and pressed with all my strength, to my waist, I completely sat on his penis. Tears came out in front of my eyes, he spoke tender words to me, said how well done I am.

After 10 minutes the pain subsided, and I felt a pleasure that I had not experienced before. I already galloped on his penis. He breathed loudly, my quiet moans turned into a scream. And now everything below the belly spilled warmly, and I finished. He felt that now he was about to “explode” and took me off, and put him on his knees, and asked me to help him with his mouth to finish. After a couple of minutes, he poured directly into my mouth, I drank everything.

It seemed to me that I did not taste anything tastier. Having rested for a while, we cleaned ourselves up, dressed, washed, and both satisfied left the toilet room. We didn’t sleep very well, because at 4 in the morning I had to go to the station. I never saw him again, but we correspond and sometimes have Wirth sex. I do not regret that it is with him that she lost her virginity.