My name is Valery. I am 45 years old and all my years I work as a gravedigger. The work is dark but lucrative. We never sit around and are always in demand.

I recently moved, tired of the constant competition for the next grave, settling in a small cramped town. Locals here are some strange: silent, inhospitable. From the moment of my move, they do not cease to glance after me. The city itself, especially at night, as if dying out. Looking out the windows after eleven, I have never seen a single living soul in a week. Until recently, the reasons for this behavior were unclear, but once, having entered a bar, its owner told me many stories about horrible murders taking place in these parts. It was rumored that Satanists were operating here. Now it was clear why many are fleeing from here, trying to forget the pain of these places, and the streets are lonely shining with yellow lanterns. Not a single normal person would come here voluntarily, but thanks to this there were not enough people like me here.

When I started working as a gravedigger at a local cemetery, I simultaneously wanted to try myself as a watchman guarding the peace of the dead. The work was heaps. New corpses appeared every day, so during the day I waved a shovel, and at night I could afford to relax and sleep.

That night, I, as always, had to go around the cemetery, shining a flashlight on the darkest areas to make sure that there were no bullies. Everything was quiet and calm, it seemed that time had stopped here and nothing could disturb the reigning peace.

Throwing a glance at the full moon I, rustling with fallen leaves, went to the gatehouse. It was a small wooden house, cozy and warm, which met me with a gentle crackle of firewood in a small stove. Holding out my frozen hands to the fire, I sank into the chair that I brought for convenience. The warmth of the tired body and carried it into the arms of Morpheus. After a while, through a dream, a loud bang came to my ears. A thick book lying on the arm of a chair fell to the floor. Noticing that only coals were left of the firewood, I had to get up to throw some logs into the almost burned-out stove. The clock struck midnight. Deciding to make sure everything was fine, I looked out the gatehouse window, covering most of the territory. At first I thought that I simply did not wake up to the end and it seemed to me that, but looking closer, I noticed how the dark silhouette slowly crossed the cemetery. When the unknown stopped, there was a dull thud, as if beating something on a tree. Five meters behind him, the fiery patches of candles flashed, presenting a shocking picture to my eyes. Twelve people in long black Tau - mantles (robes) moved after the figure. Because of the baggy T - shaped robes, it was hard to determine the sex of the intruders. Their faces were not visible, they were hiding under a thick cloth, stretched almost to the chin, hoods. Ten people carried candles, pressing their hands to their chests and lighting the road, while the other two were dragging a naked girl by their feet, leaving behind a path from the foliage gathered by her body. She looked like she was about twenty, and she was unconscious. I did not know what to do in this situation, the girl was sorry. I could not even imagine that these creatures were capable of this, maybe it could have been saved, but I left my phone at home, and there was no other here, and it was equal to suicide to climb there. I had nothing left but to sit and watch, so much so that I could not be noticed by these devils. The dark procession proceeded to the grave, towering above the rest thanks to the stone slabs. Thirteenth was waiting for them there. As soon as the candles lit up the grave, I cringed with fear. The slab was covered with a black cloth, topped with a five-pointed star with some unknown symbols to me, and on the edge proudly stood a severed head of a horned goat. Throwing the insensible body of the girl on the ice plate, which served as an altar for them, the Satanists tied her hands and feet with ropes to low wooden poles driven into the ground. The procession arranged the candles in a circle from the grave.
“Bring her to life!” Ordered the man in the tau mantle. His loud bass rumble thunder swept through the cemetery. The imperious voice belonged to the man, as it seemed to me, middle-aged. The figures surrounded the girl and several hands with a force weighed her a couple of voiced slaps. There was a quiet whine, she shook her head from side to side, coming to herself. Seeing strangers, the girl twitched, trying to free herself from the ropes, but in vain.

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“Let me go, please!” The girl screamed in despair.

-"Shut up! - the main hissed. “You were honored with this honor, and you, an ungrateful creature, still dare to open your fucking mouth!” He seized her hair and hit her head on the stove. A groan came again, but quieter. The girl began to cry.

- “Let's start, my brothers!” Cried the Satanist, throwing up his hands to the sky. He began to speak something in Latin, occasionally kissing a silver pentagram hanging on his neck. The rest at this moment still stood motionless, surrounded by stone slabs and clasping hands. Deadly blue lips, frozen girls whispered something, she seemed to be praying. Having finished his monologue, the Satanist addressed the audience:

“Bring me a cross!” - one of the participants carefully handed him a self-made metal crucifix. Having turned the face of Jesus, the madmen paid homage to the demons. Then the man approached the girl, standing between his outspread legs.

- “Your blood will atone for the sins created by you, and will give us the opportunity to be divine with your patrons!”

“You are sick!” The girl screamed. But she could not continue. The hand of one of them tightly clutched her hair, sealing her lips with scotch tape. The cold fingers of the instigator slowly touched her "girl", parting the pink petals of the labia. His cock stiffened. He stroked a little bump, wanting to enter it right now. But it is impossible, it does not belong to him, but to his Master. The icy steel of the cross touched the virgin crotch, directed by the skilled hand of the Satanist. The girl shrieked and twitched again, trying to get her feet numb from the ropes.

“Do not twitch, otherwise I will ruin your pretty face!” He shouted angrily. The girl fell silent.

“We have gathered here today for the glory of Satan!” Lord of Darkness, hear me and accept our gifts! We sacrifice the blood of a virgin and her virgin flesh to you! ”The minion proclaimed, addressing his patron.

“In the name of Satan!” The crowd echoed.

Malice distorted the face of Satanist. The cursed crucifix ruthlessly pierced the narrow vagina, tearing the virgin pleura. The girl screamed in pain. Drops of innocent blood spilled on a black cloth that instantly absorbed the gifts intended for the Devil. Nine people took out members from under weighty robes and, plodding, watched as their leader raped the poor thing with a crucifix, stripping the tender walls of female flesh. The other three, as I understood it, turned out to be women, submissively standing, their heads bowed. The crucified girl moaned, letting out compassionate sobs. Acute pain pierced the inside of her, until today, untouched "sanctuary." Now it has been brazenly defiled by insane scoundrels. She still didn’t give up trying to push her legs down, but two pairs of hands instantly pushed the rounded thighs into the gravestone. The index finger of the speaker plunged into the affected gut. Having smeared his finger in bloody secretions, he drew an inverted cross on his forehead "deprived", sprinkling an innocent blood on the head of a black goat. The man lovingly rubbed her hands on the twisted horns of the animal. Having finished with this, he returned to the girl. In his hands flashed a ritual dagger, presented to him by like-minded person.

“I bless this dagger, this cup ...” he began, raising his cup with his second hand, skillfully carved out of a human skull. - This sacrifice, the name of Satan! We follow the paths of Darkness that lead us to the pinnacle of divinity! Accept the immaculate soul, giving in exchange power and infinite life! Lord, almost by our presence, and we have divided the blood of her flesh with us! ”- the ritual dagger flew up, sinking straight into the heart of a heart-rending girl. A pair of convulsive vibrations and the body drooped lifelessly, bleeding “with a scarlet gift.” The man pulled the dagger out and, wiping the blade against the white cloth, framed the goblet to the flowing bloodway. Filling the bowl by one third, he added it with wine. Holding the cup with a drink on his outstretched arms, the sinner solemnly proclaimed:

“May Darkness arrive with us!” - and taking a small sip, he handed over the ritual vessel. Each of those present, praising the Devil, sipped from the cup, betraying him in a circle.

- “We appeal to you, appear our only Master, we kneel before Your power!” Satan, the king of demons, come to our world! ”The man continued, after everyone had drunk the drink.

At that moment it seemed to me that the air became heavier. Breathing became difficult. From the cemetery in my direction pulled gray. It became unbearably hot. From what I saw I almost lost consciousness. The land next to the sect members opened in half, exposing the tongues of the subterranean flame. From the depths of the depths appeared huge twisted horns. The minions, having thrown off their hoods, froze, directing their coveted glances at the cleft in the ground. In front of them, in all its glory, Satan appeared, accompanied by a retinue consisting of vile demons entangled in his legs. The crowd fell, kneeling before the horned but handsome man with the face of a mad psycho and glowing red eyes, as if the fire itself was blazing in them. Because of his broad back, two huge wings crowned with sharp claws protruded. Strong, muscular arms squeezed sharp forks and a punishing sword that took away millions of lives. He hovered in the air, preying on the sharp rows of teeth. Wandering wild fanatics, Satan jerked his nostrils with pleasure, drawing in the smell of wine and fresh blood. Nodding his head with satisfaction, the king of demons broke the silence:

“I accept gifts.” With these words, the ruler began to slowly sink back into the fiery interior. As soon as the head of Satan came up to the ground, his piercing gaze met mine, burning through me. Snarling, he disappeared, leaving the demons on the surface.

As soon as the earth dragged on, inexplicable things began to happen. The crowd instantly threw off the tau mantle, remaining naked in the middle of the cemetery. They seem to have gone mad, snapping at each other in a violent outburst of animal passion, arranging a chaotic orgy in the shelter of the dead. Women merged in passionate kisses, running their hands between each other. Blurred eyes occasionally rushed at men looking at depraved women with stone risers. Having fallen to the ground, they invitingly parted the labia, caressing excited crotches opposite to each other. Immersing their fingers in expiring vaginas, women begged the men to fuck them. Thrilled members, at once filled all the holes of the whores of Satan. They had a cruel, hammering so that, by the end, it seemed, there would be no women's charms at all, but buckets inflated with sperm. They were stuffed with various members, like pigs before the holiday. Satan's retinue nudged the hips of the males, directing and setting their pace. Demons in a hissing voice whispered various vulgarities, turning into a nasty squeal. They licked, devouring women with a mad look, as if in front of them was a tidbit of cake. Those who did not have enough warm "minks", waiting for the queue, were satisfied with each other's mouths, not letting out quickly changing members. It would be more correct to say that they simply raped each other in the mouth, trying to sink their “instrument” as deep as possible. While the men were engaged in a blowjob, their demons were torn by the demons, slapping the stronger sex, like lustful bitches. Then Sweet, lifting their tails, put their asses to the fanatics to be torn apart, while their slobbering tongues penetrated the inside of women with large cocks. They wanted one thing - to squeeze people to the limit. The air was filled with moans, sighs and cries of pleasure. Around soared lust and debauchery. The obsessed followed one another, leaving no hole free. Women caressed their breasts, screaming under muscular men with delight, praising the name of Satan when their mouth was freed from regular flesh. The squishy sounds of their holes and male asses filled up the cemetery. The orgy was gaining momentum, pushing people into madness that they would not have done in an adequate state. Women's "charms" took several members into one narrow slit, rapidly changing poses and partners. Some did not disdain even carrion, raping the prone body of a murdered girl.

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I have never experienced such fear and excitement. Involuntarily, as if driven by someone, my hand reached for the pants, stroking the “friend” who had risen through the fabric. Soon I was on my knees with my pants down, tearing my stone member against my will. There was fog in my head, I could not think clearly, it seemed that my mind was lost, like those of those concerned fanatics. Desire blinded. The movement of the hand accelerated, but I was not enough. The second hand grabbed a member, grappling with the first in the castle. My movements were swift, jerking a long “dignity” with gusty nerve movements. A wave of orgasm rolled and immediately retreated. Eyes closed. In my head the echoes sounded the groans of those who were fucking, I was all accelerated, wanting to wipe him out with blood. Having lost control, I went into wild ecstasy, committing violence on myself. I wanted to finish, but I could not, feeling an insurmountable barrier on the way to the desired pleasure. Eyes widening, swept around the room, looking for a place where you could attach my "young man." Seeing a small roundish hole in the wooden wall of the gatehouse, plugged with a rag to keep out the cold, an insane thought arose in my head. Without rising from my knees, I crawled towards him, washing them on the wooden floor. Ripping out a rag, my dick promptly pushed through a hole, stabbed in response to a multitude of splinters in my restless flesh. The pain shook her loins, but it was not in my power to stop. I was pulling a tight hole, getting a new batch of wooden shards, digging into my “end”. I wanted to scream, but there was a lump in my throat, and my teeth bit my lip with force, blowing a trickle of blood on my chin. I thought that the pubic bone could not stand such strikes against the wall. The only picture from my head with a crash fell down. There was nothing to breathe from the effort, there was not enough air, the pulse was beating with a violent force, throbbing punches in the detached brain. It seemed that the heart is now jump out of my chest. I lasted another five minutes, and then in my eyes flickered. Falling near the wall, I do not know how I managed not to turn out my dick. The last ones that flew before my eyes are a jet of my sperm, and then darkness overtook me.

I do not know how much time has passed since then. The only hours stopped counting after midnight. When I woke up, I was surprised to find that I was lying next to the wall with my pants down. My swollen from splinters member resembled a hedgehog. He was terribly sick, itchy, decorated with skin worn from a tree. Touching it was out of the question. On the curly pubis and part of the abdomen was sperm, indicating a long-awaited discharge. My sperm, I remembered after a minute. Scraps of what was happening were swept through the brain in paints. I was disgusted. Turning to the wall, eyes stumbled upon the remains of a whitish liquid. Having fallen, I didn’t just pull out, but tore the penis out of the gap, pouring my “good” wherever I could.

Barely rising, glance rushed out the window. Lonely graves were gaping melancholy. There was nothing to confirm the chaos of the night. Ardent fanatics covered their tracks, dragging the girl’s body and washing off the blood and semen from the stone slabs. Peace again regained its rights, enveloping the souls of the dead.

I never managed to fall asleep. We had a tired look of red eyes to meet the dawn.

Having received the necessary help, I spat on everything, rather leaving the damn city that had silvered my head overnight. From memories I still throws a shiver. I never gave up the work as a grave digger, but I never again decided to protect the peace of the dead.