- Do you agree, Artem, to love Ksenia, respect her, honor and care, be a faithful husband and in grief and joy until death do you part?

“I agree,” I looked at Ksyusha with a smile. She also smiled, but it seemed her thoughts were somewhere far from this magnificent palace of marriage, from the crowd of relatives and friends, from the red-haired young woman who asked her a similar question a second ago.

“Using the right granted to me by the state, I declare you husband and wife,” the redhead smiled.

To the applause and shouts of “Bitter!”, We exchanged rings and merged into a long kiss. And only when I came off the lips of my beloved, did a strange sensation of the incorrectness of everything happening come.

Yes, I dreamed of Ksyusha becoming my wife, but I was not at all going to share her with other peasants. This overseas word: "Cuckold", abandoned to her after that meeting with the regional patrol, did not go out of my head. Like what Ksyusha told me then.

After all, we can say that then the cops took it by force. And I could not protect. Therefore, I was ready for anything to forgive me. And I simply did not take all her words seriously. I wrote off everything on shock and nervous shock.

However, later, I was still curious about the theme of “Cukold”. It was wild, unnatural, disgusting. Women cheated on their husbands in front of their eyes, humiliated them in every way and got a buzz from it. And husbands also got a buzz from humiliation, because they lost everything to their lover or lovers.

I had to stop even then, quit Ksyusha, find a quiet calm girl, even if not so bright and beautiful, and create a normal family. But I could not refuse it. Could not and did not want.

And at the wedding, looking into her beautiful face, it seemed to me that Ksyusha was laughing at me. I tried to overcome the delusion and went with Ksyusha to the exit to the guests applauding.

At the registrar was a long "Hummer" - a limousine. A tall curly black in a tuxedo with a butterfly got out of the passenger seat and opened the door in front of us.

- Sadites pazhalista! - he bared a snow-white smile.

Ksyusha picked up the hem of a delightful wedding dress and gracefully sat in the salon. I dove after him. Curly ebony with a strong accent said:

- Maladazhon ride. Raja accompany. Markus vazit, - he nodded at the second bald as a negro's knee, similar to a mug on Will Smith.

“Thank you, I see,” I quickly answered, and Raja closed the door. And then he flopped down next to the carrier and held out a remote control.

“Press this — Marcus and Raj disappear, press this — Marcus and Raj appear,” he said with an unchanging smile.

I pressed a button and buzzed a panel that hid African Americans from us.

- Your idea with blacks? - I grunted.

“Come on, don't grumble,” Ksyusha laughed. “They're funny.” Or are you a racist husband?

I immediately broke into a smile and kissed my wife. All alarms disappeared, and there was no time. This cheerful bother under the name "Wedding", swirled us in the cycle of different customs, traditionally leaving no time for some thoughts. A thought flashed that this bastard is specially arranged to prevent the newlyweds from thinking about the committed act, but rather swirl, confuse, fill up with congratulations and gifts, instructions of their relatives, blunt contests of the lush toastmaster and, of course, toasts and cries of “Bitter”.

- Do not regret? - Ksyuha asked drunkenly at the next ballad.

“Of course not,” I replied in her ear the same way.

“The parents are happy,” she said, “they like you.”

“You, too, to my old men,” I kissed her by the ear, “and me even more.”

There were few guests on my part. Parents, two best friends, a couple of colleagues. On the other hand, Ksyushina had an unimaginable amount. In addition to relatives of colleagues and girlfriends, there were quite a few characters she interviewed. Even the head of the city came to congratulate and give a plump envelope.

As for gifts, the most specific was from our parents. They chipped in and bought us treshka in the Western District, and they said that they were fully furnished. I can not imagine where they took so much dough, but apparently they had been preparing for the wedding for a long time.

Well, the money we, of course, did not count. Just cleaned the envelopes in the bulk case. And sincerely thanked all those gathered and raised toasts, so that by the end of the holiday I was already decently grunted and even Ksyusha was not sobriety. After hugging with our relatives, we finally left for our new home, accompanied by Raja and Marcus.

Twenty-five-storey new building was commissioned six months ago and not all apartments were occupied by tenants. Ksyuha giggling poked the “25” button in the huge freight elevator and we, along with the blacks who were dragging our junk, drove up.

The view from the windows was amazing and frightening at the same time. From here the whole city was in full view. Even far East, smoking with its factories. And the Main City Overpass and the city canal under it, lined with water and concrete in the form of a target cross, and the dam of the hydroelectric power station, which spread to the right bank of Vesta, was impressive.

Repair in three rubles was also impressive: eurodesign, leather sofas, glass tables, built-in wardrobes. Not a flat but a picture. And a huge travhodrom in the whole bedroom.

I woke up from the fact that Ksyusha was whispering about something with blacks. They looked at her like cats at a lewd cat and nodded enthusiastically, looking at me.

“Well, here came the moment you were waiting for,” Ksyusha approached me. - Go to the bathroom. There you will find my present in a black box with a gold-embossed box. Put it on and come to the bedroom. And I spend our friends.

I went into our luxurious bathroom and saw a box on the washer. Opening it, I became cold. When I looked on the Internet about kukoldov, I often ran across a similar device that was worn on a member. It did not allow a man to get excited, but this was not required of him. Cuckolds do not fuck their wives. Others do it for them. In the box, a gold cage for a member with a lock on top was cast.

- Darling, do not dig there! - there was a cry Ksyushi. - We are waiting only for you!

We? Where did she spend the blacks? I quickly undressed, fastened the fixture and entered the bedroom. Ksenia both Negro sat on our trahodrome. On Ksyusha there were only white lace thongs and a white bra with frills. The negroes were sitting in the same, almost knee-high, family members. When they saw me they laughed. Ksyusha also smiled.

“You're coming,” she said. - Give me the keys.

I handed her the keys and cringed. Being naked in front of two tall blacks was uncomfortable. They could not be called pitching, but the figures were very athletic. The raja was hairy and Marcus had a smooth body, due to which his muscles seemed more prominent.

“Sit near the cot and be an obedient boy,” Ksyusha moaned, because the negros had already pulled off her bra and crushed her large white breasts. They did it almost synchronously, as if they were rehearsing more than once. Marcus squeezes his right breast and pushes his tongue Ksyusha in his mouth, while Raja bites his lips into the left nipple and with his fingers shifts her panties to the side. At some instant, all three of them are on the bed on their knees: two tall Negroes and a naked blonde beauty between them. Naked, because Raja immediately relieves Ksyusha from her panties and plunges her long black fingers into her shaved pink slit. Vagina greedily squishes and takes unfamiliar fingers under the quickened breath of the hostess. Marcus rises to his feet and pulls off his underpants.

“Oh God, just look at what a male,” exclaims Ksyusha and takes the black and sleek, long trunk of a horse with both hands. Her eyes are burning and her hands are desperately moving back and forth over this piece of dark flesh, palms are stroking heavy eggs, and her lips are already clasping the black head.

- Yes beach! - Marcus groans. - Sak May Kok!

In the meantime, Raja pulled his fingers out of Ksyushina's pussy and took off her panties. His device was a couple of centimeters longer than twenty-five centimeters python Marcus, not so smooth. Groin and heavy large eggs are framed by vegetation.

“Onion hiar, whip!” He rudely grabs Ksyusha by the hair and pulls her face to his giant.

Both Negro go to English, but Ksyusha understands them perfectly. She gazes at Raja's huge cock.

- Here are the members! She whispers admiringly.

Then he takes Raj's hairy cudgel with one hand, and the other with the smooth snake Marcus and, gently lifting them up, turns to me.

- Saw these huy? She asks me. - Look. Watch attentively.

She, without taking his eyes off me, takes Marcus's dick into his mouth and diligently sucks it. My beautiful wife cannot even swallow half. Her saliva envelops a black club, which makes her wet and shiny.

I'm shocked. My dick is locked. He is trying to break the steel cage, but in vain. I feel wild pain, but physical pain is nothing compared to what I see half a meter from my nose. This is a real pain. I hate myself, hate nature, for not making me as perfect as these black guys.

- Line it! - shouts Raja and loudly slaps my wife on the ass.

She vigorously treats Marcus's dick, stroking her breasts, and with her right hand jerks Raja’s penis.

- EU, Fakin Beach, EU! - shouts Raja, - Sak it.

Ksyusha obediently changes and plunges into the mouth a knobby long black stick of Raja, and Marcus is content with a handjob.

- EU, take it! - Marcus spreads Ksyusha's legs to the side, standing on the knee-elbow and sucking Raj. He helps the black slippery eel with his hand to penetrate into Ksyushina the bleeding hole.

- Oooooh! Oh my God! - Ksyusha breaks away from Raja's penis and switches to English herself. - Ooh fak! Slouli pliz. It is from that big.

Immediately Raja pulls her hair into a fist and puts her mouth on his long swaying body.

- Sak Beach, Sak May Fakin Kok! - he shouts, and Marcus begins to slowly drive his elda into Ksyushina a little pussy.

- Oh, brush. May fakin kant! - Ksyushin voice breaks into hysterics. - Know pliz know. Oh May faking pussy. IT HERTS. Oh my God!

While singing to her in time, Marcus pulls her onto his stick, plunging deeper with each thrust. Raja again pulled Ksyuhinu head and put her paw to the cheek. He began shortly and rhythmically to fuck my hollow moaning wife in my mouth. Suddenly she began to shake in her orgasm. She tried to get off Raj's cock, but he gave her a slap and firmly held her hair, often continuing to fuck my wife in the mouth.

She was shaking again in ecstasy. Tears rolled from her eyes like hail, her hair was disheveled, her breasts dangled back and forth in time with strong pushes of Marcus.

- Stop, scourge! - suddenly said Raj, - Ai vonna fak or pussi. Giv it that mi.

He threw Ksyusha onto his back and spread her legs, attaching his noodle to the hole that had already been fired. Marcus was above her breast. He knelt down and grabbed big Xyushin boobs in his palm and then inserted a member between them and began to fuck her between her breasts.

Since the length of the member allowed Marcus to insert his eel into the mouth of my beloved, he rolled his eyes and moaned.

Raja picked up Ksyushina's bent legs at the knees of the arms and with a loud champing entered my wife's pussy almost the entire length.

- Ooo know pliz! - cry Ksyusha.

“Shat ap, scourge,” said Raja smoothly and deeply entering Ksyushu. - Get May Fakin Big Dick.

He fucked her very skillfully and measuredly. I am ready to vouch she felt every gyrus of his club. That I never saw her. Weeping and simultaneously moaning from the buzz. Finishing with a wild scream, with wide eyes.

After she had finished with Raja six or seven times, he suddenly got up and lifted her to his knees.

- Oupen ё Mauf, scourge! - he ordered.

Ksyusha opened her mouth wide and Raja began to jerk off her penis, sending it to my beloved lips.

- Oh, es, baby, take may fakin kam. Um, cumming! Ouuuuuuu! - Raja hysterically screamed and powerful white streams of sperm hit my favorite face. Marcus followed the example of Raji and with a joyful shout finished off Ksyusha, flooded her hair, forehead, eyes, nose ...

The negroes got dressed and left, patting me on the shoulder. Ksyusha sprawled on the bed, all flooded with someone else's seed. Such a native and at the same time alien.

- What is frozen, hubby? Do you want to kiss your wife? She asked chuckling. “Come on, brush my face with my tongue!” Well alive.

I was horrified approached his beloved and lay down next. Having suppressed disgust, I began to gradually clear her face with my tongue. A couple of times I almost vomited, but I forbade myself to think that I lick sperm niggas. I focused on the fact that I just kissed the native and beautiful face of my Ksyusha.

When I finished, I got up and went to the bathroom, where I still vomited. Then I started to wash. I choked tears, insult, despair. And then Ksyusha came in. She hugged me and said:

- I have never been so cool. When I'm fucked before your eyes, I'm just going crazy. I love you. You really are the one I need.

She unzipped the cage and took my scion in her hand. He instantly rebelled. Holding the dick Ksyusha dragged me to the bed. There fell wide legs apart.

I rushed at her from above. I went in, realizing that after the blacks, my dick was like a pencil in a bucket there. Nevertheless, the erection was strong and with all my strength I pushed my shorty into the wet bosom of my beloved. My hands stroked her breasts, lips kissed her face. She, clinging to my buttocks, often breathed and actively moved towards me with a pelvis. I told myself not to finish until she finished. I felt that if I could hold out, then the victory in this idiotic battle will be for me.

But suddenly Ksyusha stopped, rubbed her pussy with her hand and anointed my dick with her wet juices, and then ... put my appendage to her back hole and slowly, with a voluptuous moan, spread her ass on the dick.

- Ohhh God, love! - I groaned, feeling like a tight channel tightly gripped my dick. On Ksyusha’s face, there was a mixture of mild pain and pride of the victor.

- Fuck my ass! She whispered.

I tried to move slowly, but the knowledge that I was fucking the inaccessible hole of my beloved one almost made me cum right away.

- Come on, fuck my ass stronger! - Ksyusha added fuel to the fire.

She smiled. She knew she won. I knew that I would not last long and would not be able to force her to finish, which means that I would remain a Cuckold, always watching from the side of my wife's sex. Anger, despair and powerlessness rolled on me and I began to maximally rudely stick a dick in Ksyusha’s ass. Still! Like this! Twenty seconds later I screamed and finished inside.

I was shaking from a strong orgasm and from feeling my own worthlessness. I could not get her to finish with me.

Ksyusha, sprawled on the bed, quietly fell asleep. On her lips walked a strange smile. And I suddenly realized that if I did not change myself, then cheating would always be next to me.

I went to the window and looked at the huge city, spread out before my eyes. At some point I made a decision. I thought I knew what to do.