My cousin came to me on New Year's holidays. She lives in Yekaterinburg. In childhood, we were with her bosom friends. Then, her parents moved to Sverdlovsk. We were then 18 years old.

We do not meet with her often. Once a year, and, of course, we tell each other everything that happened to us. We have no secrets from each other. Christmas we met three. Me, my sister and my daughter. When my daughter fell asleep, and we got drunk, the conversation turned to sex. We hit the memories. It was then that I remembered my first experience in the ass with two boys (Story "First time in the ass"). A sister told me about how she gave in the ass for the first time. And I decided to write about it. True, I will write in the first person. And I will use my name. The fact is that a similar incident happened to me. Therefore, it is easier for me to write as if it were me. The difference in the stories with me and my sister is that I already knew what a male member in the ass is, and for my sister this was the first time. By the way, before sending the story for publication, I sent it to my sister. She wrote that almost everything was so. So, the story is 99, 5% real. By the way, the beginning is very similar to how I wrote about myself in "The first time in the ass."

Yes, my cousin is a beautiful sexy girl. Of my height, the same long hair, the figure is even more complex than mine, the ass is an appetizing - “ripe peach”. Believe me, when she is in jeans, there is no such man who would not turn around after her. Well, it seems the prologue is over. Now, my sister's non-fiction story. So, let's begin.

At that time I was 24 years old, I studied law in absentia (second higher education), and worked as a lawyer in a municipal enterprise for three months. I, of course, had a friend with whom we had been dating for 5 years. But, in recent times the relationship did not develop. He had no desire to legitimize the relationship, and there were serious problems with his mother, who could not tolerate me, considering that I was taking her son away from her. I understood that everything would end soon, and I was ready for it.

Recently, I had a keen desire to try anal sex. Or, more simply, I wanted to be fucked in the ass. Recently, I read an article in some erotic magazine, where one couple wrote how they like to have anal sex, and which one they enjoy. In addition, I asked my friends who have already tried it in the ass, what is it like. Opinions were different. Someone said that for no reason more, someone smiled slyly, saying that there is something in it, someone advised to try it myself.

Once on Saturday, we met with friends. When they had drunk some vodka, the conversation turned again to sex. Everyone was interested in how Olga spent time with a young man whom she met yesterday at a disco. “No good, dick like a pencil, I didn’t even feel it in my ass,” Olga replied. I immediately woke interest. "So she has already given up her ass more than once, if he says so," I thought. We were returning home together with her, since we lived nearby, and I asked:

- Olya, how long have you been fucking in the ass and how often?

- What is it that interests you so much?

- I want to try.

- What are you, Nadia, never tried. You and your 5 years already, and he never once put you in the point?

- No, I did not offer.

- Did he ask?

- I think not. Anyway, lately. And before that I was disgusted to think about it.

- disgusted? This is you for nothing. And he - just a donkey. You have such a cool ass, just created for anal sex. I'm sure there are a lot of men who would gladly put you between the buns.

- Yes. Thank. But still say you like it?

- Like. Only for this you need too excited. At first, it will be painful, but the more often you give in the ass, the more pleasant it will be with each time. It is necessary that the point was developed. For example, I finish through the ass faster.

- Olga, have you often been there?

- In the ass? Yes, almost always, when I fuck with someone.

- Wow? Tell me about it.

- I'll tell you later somehow, otherwise I have to run home.

- Okay bye.

- Bye, Nadia.

I went to bed, but the dream did not come. I began to think about the words of Olga and whether I would understand me if I asked him to fuck me in the ass.

On Monday at work they announced that the director was coming. He lived in Germany, and once in two months came to the city. During my three months of work, I saw him twice and that briefly. In the evening, at the end of the working day, Julia phoned the secretary and said that the boss was calling to her about the supply of gasoline. I dealt with these treaties.

- Can? - I asked knocking, and entered.

The chef was talking on the phone, not paying attention to me. I remained standing at the door, examining it. It looks like 45-47 years old, my height. True, in heels I was taller than him. I love high-heeled shoes. They make my legs more beautiful.

Having finished speaking, he leaned back in his chair, examining me. I was wearing a black business suit. The length of the skirt is approximately halfway between the booty and the knees.

- Hello Hope! Come in, sit down. Said the chef.

- Hello, Yuri Ivanovich - I replied and sat down at his table, stretching her legs. Once again he carefully looked at my legs in black tights, and began to ask questions about my work. Next was a business conversation, about which there is no point in writing. When we finished, the phone rang again. The chef picked up the phone.

- I will go, Yuri Ivanovich? - I asked. The chief waved his hand, and I headed for the door.

- Wait a minute - suddenly, I heard the voice of my boss in the back.

I turned and remained standing in the middle of the office. The chief spoke for another two minutes, then abruptly cut off the conversation, saying that the decision had been made and he was busy. Then he sat back in his chair, staring at my legs.

- How are you doing? Do you like this job? Than dissatisfied? - he began to ask

“Everyone is happy in principle,” I replied.

- Does the salary also suit you?

The salary in the MP was of course small, but I didn’t really count on it, knowing that I was still studying and didn’t have a diploma.

- Satisfied - I replied.

- Good. You will graduate from university, you will receive a diploma, we will increase.

- Thank.

- In principle - he paused - can be slightly increased now.

- True? Thank! - I said happily, because I had to pay for my studies, and my parents were not rich people.

“But,” said the chief, getting up and heading for the door. “Something will be needed for this.”

- Why? - I asked in an innocent voice, knowing what he was getting at, and, thinking whether I was ready for this. "Why not. After all, I am a free woman. And he is a prominent man ”- flashed through my head.

The chef looked out the door. The secretary at this time was gone.

- What? Now let's see - he answered and turned the key in the lock.

Then he approached me. In heels, I was really taller than him.

“You have beautiful legs,” he said, and he put his hairy arms under my skirt. His hands began to squeeze my buttocks, and he climbed to kiss me. I, for a moment, became disgusted, but there was nowhere to go. “Come what may,” I thought. At that moment, he said: "Take off your shoes." I took it off. Indeed, we are of the same height. He pulled his hands from under the skirt, put them on my shoulders, and began to put pressure on them. I realized, knelt, the pants of his pants were opposite to my mouth. "Unpin and get it" - he commanded. The member was not very long (about 13-15 cm), but rather thick, at least 3 cm in diameter. “Well, what are you looking at? Take it in your mouth, ”the chief again commanded, taking me with both hands by the head.
I took the member with my hand, opened my mouth, put the member in there, and began to move my head, swallowing his cock deeper, feeling how it grows and becomes harder. After half a minute, the chief breathed more often, then abruptly pulled the cock out of my mouth. “Stand up and take off your skirt,” he told me. I stood up, unzipped the zipper, and the skirt fell at my feet. He grabbed my waist, turned his back to him, and with his chest laid me on the table. Then, I felt how he pulled off my pantyhose with panties just below the knees, then an 18 second pause, it looks like he was looking at my ass. Then, I felt his cock between my legs. He ran them several times along the labia, and entered me. "Ah!" - I said, and I thought that soon it would all end - "If only I would not finish my pussy." But I was deeply mistaken. What was waiting for me further ...

Dick was not long in my vagina. I just started to get into the rhythm of his movements, moving my bare ass towards the penis, as the chief pulled him out of his pussy. “Let's see what we have here,” he said, and squatted in front of my booty. I felt him spread my buns. For a while, he seemed to be looking at my virgin hole. “Why does he consider my hole?”: - I thought. Then he grunted with satisfaction, and pressed his face to my spread ass. I felt his tongue begin to move through my anus, trying to get me inside. My hole was wet from his saliva. Then, he let go of my buns, pushed them apart again with two fingers, where the hole was, and ... I felt his finger entering my asshole. Then he began to move them, making small rotational movements. I felt like he was massaging my point from the inside, pushing the walls of the sphinker. Honestly, it was not painful, besides the point was wet from his saliva.

Then he pulled his finger out of his ass and stood up. I felt his cock start moving up and down between my buns. Having done so several times, the member rested against my hole. “Well, I waited. God, but he's so fat. He will tear me all away. ” A member pressed on my anus, trying to break through to me inside. Involuntarily, I began to squeeze the buttocks. “Relax ass. Do not strain yourself! ": - the chief almost shouted, and slapped me on the buttock -" Relax the point, let him enter. " I exhaled deeply and tried to relax the muscles of the priests. At that moment I felt my little hole expand, and something thick and elastic began to enter my ass. It hurt, but the dick moved farther and farther until I felt the hairy eggs cling to my buttocks. I thought my eyes would fall out of their sockets. For a moment, a member stood in my ass, then began to move slowly. At this time, the chef put his finger in my mouth. I realized that with this finger he was picking at me with a point. After some time, I felt that my poor hole is easier. In the anus made some kind of fluid, facilitating the movement of the penis. He moved faster, then even faster, entering the ass at full length. Suddenly, I felt an attack of orgasm. And even though it was painful, there was a thrill. A member hit me on the uterus on the other side, and it was cool. I felt that a little more and finish. And then suddenly, a member twitched in my ass. I did not hold back either. Chef moaned, pouring semen into my point. "Oh, mom, please": - I said, ending, and exhaustedly spread her arms on the table. The chef was in no hurry to get a member of my priests, moving him slowly back and forth and it was pleasant to me.

Finally, I felt like a member slowly began to leave the priests. When he slipped out, I felt some kind of emptiness in my ass and at the same time ease in my stomach. The chief sat down again in front of my booty, spread my buns apart and grunted with satisfaction. “Get on your knees”: he said. I silently got up from the table, bent over and completely took off my pantyhose with pantyhose, because I felt like sperm, flowing from the anus, slowly flow down my legs. “Go to your knees” - said the chef and slapped me on the pope. “Lick it,” he said, and pulled the member up to my face. I took it with my hand, then put it in my mouth. She looked up at the chef. “Suck. Well done, ”he said again.

"Go into my toilet, wash it": - said the chef, removing the penis from my mouth. Barefoot, naked from the waist down, I walked over to the washstand. Chef, already with buttoned fly, went after me. “I want to see how you will wash your ass”: - he said to me. Fortunately for me, he had a bidet. I turned on the water, crouched down, dangling my ass and feeling the jet of water hitting my blown hole. The chef looked at me for a while. “I'll go put the kettle”: - he finally said.

When I left the toilet, the chief sat in the chair and looked at me. Before him stood a bottle of “Martel”.

- The kettle boiled, make us coffee - he gestured to the table where there were mugs, a can of coffee and a can of sugar.

- Now, just get dressed - I replied and began to take out her panties from tights.

- Then do it, after coffee. Put on your shoes and get busy.

I silently put on my shoes and, as I was, naked to the waist approached the coffee table. The chief silently watched me. I turned to him naked ass, making coffee.

- You have a great ass, Nadia - he said.

“Thank you,” I replied, setting the tray with the mugs in front of him.

He silently, without getting up from his chair, took me by the bare thighs, unwrapped my booty and kissed my buns. "Bend down and move apart the buttocks" - he ordered, in a tone that does not tolerate objections. I obeyed. “Good,” he said after a while.

- Sit down, drink cognac with coffee.

I sat across from him, cross-legged.

- I did not expect that you have a virgin ass. There was - he said and grinned.

- Why, Yuri Ivanovich - I wondered.

- Well, you are almost 25, obviously not a girl. You have such an appetizing ass. I am surprised that no one before me took it.

“I didn't give it to you before,” I replied.

- Why did you give me? Because your director?

- Not. Not only this. I wanted to try it myself. True, such a desire has appeared recently.

- Well, now I tried. Liked? - he asked.

- It hurted me. And now it hurts too. But ... I finished - I answered.

- It hurts because the point is not developed. Next time will be more familiar.

- Do you want to use my ass again?

- Required. I have been here for two weeks. Tomorrow linger after work.

- Will you have me every day?

- Yes darling. It is necessary to develop your hole more substantively. But do not be afraid. Tomorrow I will take a good German grease, especially for anal sex. This is me today specifically fucked you without lubrication. To understand what it is.

- It hurted me. Especially at the beginning.

- Nothing. Tomorrow will be easier. Lubricate as it should. Yes, I'm sorry, I did not want to cum in your ass, but I could not resist the first time. Tomorrow I'll finish in my mouth.

- Right from the priests?

- From her darling, from her. Tomorrow we will grease it properly, and try it in a different pose. Okay, get dressed, I'll take you home. By the way, be sure to go "big" before I call you. And find the opportunity to wash the point from the inside.

- Well - I replied, got up and began to clean the cup. When she turned to him naked booty, he suddenly slapped her.

- Yuri Ivanovich, not a ruffian - I asked flirtatiously.

- Let's get dressed dear. Leave the cups, the secretary will wash - he said, when he saw that I, because of her sweet little booty, was headed for the toilet.
“Good.” I deliberately turned my ass to the boss and leaned over my panties and pantyhose, giving him the opportunity to look at his naked ass again.

In the car, I was sitting in the back, the chef in front next to the driver. He discussed working questions with me, and, I think, few would have guessed what he was doing with me 20 minutes ago.

“Tomorrow you will prepare a report for me by six in the evening,” said the chief, dropping me off near the house.

“Well, I understood, Yury Ivanovich,” I replied, realizing something completely different. At six in the office there was no one left.

At home, after dinner, I climbed into the bath. I wanted to think it over. “Well, here it is. I got fucked in the ass. And it seems that he did not stop there. I have no way back exactly. Yes, and let him. I got an orgasm, not expecting it myself, ”I thought. My hand went down to the pubis and with my fingers I began to pull at the clitoris, gradually getting excited and imagining everything that happened, as if from the side. Suddenly, I felt that I wanted to feel something in the pope. I reached out with my second hand and began to massage the sphinker. Then she gently inserted the index finger into the point. There was no pain. Just a sphinker somehow screamed, but not much. “Let's see what you will do with my ass next,” I thought about the boss.

The next day, Julia called me in the morning, reminding me that the chef was waiting for me with a report by six in the evening.

“He's holding you up for the second day in a row,” she said with a hint.

- Yulia, I can do what - I replied.

- Well, yes, he is the director - Julia giggled into the phone.

After lunch, I suddenly realized that I wanted “by and large”. Remembering the instructions of the chief, I went to the toilet, then for a long time I tried to wash the point from the inside. Above the washbasin it was not quite comfortable. I had to put my finger in my point 7 times, checking if there were any feces left. I've never washed your ass like that before. Finally, being satisfied with the result and carefully washing my hands with soap and water, I returned to the workplace, preparing for the "evening report." About five again called Julia.

- Yuri Ivanovich is waiting for you at 17.45., And I ran home. Have you ever prepared - she asked coquettishly.

- Yes. I do this all day long. Bye - I answered, thinking about my preparation in the toilet.

- Until. Good luck - Julia giggled.

Exactly at 17. 45 I knocked into the office of the chief and entered. “What will he do with me today?” I thought before entering. The chief again spoke on the phone, lounging in a chair. This time the tone of his conversation was different. Looks like he was reporting something to someone superior. The chief, without changing his position, beckoned me to his finger and pointed to the keys lying on the table. The gesture was more than understandable. I took the keys, closed the door and stood in the middle of the office, waiting for me to do next. The chief made a circular motion with his hand and waved her down. I nodded in response to the head that I understood. Then she took off her jacket and gently hung it on a chair. Then she lowered her skirt, threw off her shoes, and was about to take off her pantyhose with panties, but, remembering what angle Yuri Ivanovich preferred, she turned her back on him and, slowly, took off her pantyhose along with her panties, remaining in one black turtleneck. Vilnula three times ass and turned to the boss. He smiled at me approvingly and gestured with his hand. I was about to put on my shoes, but he made a negative gesture with his head.

I approached the boss very close. He extended his hand, took my pubis in his palm, his middle finger lay on my clit. Only now I saw on his desk a small white plastic jar with German inscriptions. “It seems that today they will spread a hole in my booty,” I thought. Meanwhile, the chef, without stopping the conversation, put two fingers (index and middle) into my vagina, and rhythmically moved them, and my clitoris tickled with my thumb. It began to excite me. But he suddenly removed his hand and made a gesture for me to turn my ass to him. Then, he took my hand for the buns, putting his middle finger between them. Hold me like that for about 18 seconds

- One minute Boris Lvovich_ - said into the phone. Then he turned to me, covering the microphone with his hand, said: “Open the jar, lay it on the table with your stomach, booty to me and push the buttocks apart”. I did, guessed what he wanted. After a second, I felt his finger smearing some ointment on my sphinker. A smear, a hedgehog smear, then his finger suddenly penetrated my ass, and began to make rotational movements there, lubricating my anal passage from the inside. Then a finger came out, I felt again how they put greases on my point, and then two fingers entered me. I felt how he moves them, how he tries to push the walls of my hole in the pope.

Finally, he pulled out his fingers, lightly slapped on the ass. I turned my head, without removing my hands from the spread apart buttocks. He made a hand gesture, get up, and pointed to the napkins on the table. I handed them to him. Holding the phone to his ear, the chef began to wipe his fingers with a napkin, his eyes pointing to his groin. I understood everything. She knelt down in front of the chair, undid the belt of trousers, then the lock and pulled her pants down. The chief smiled approvingly and slightly raised himself from the chair. Lowering his pants with panties to his knees, I bent my head and took his cock deep in his mouth. Moving my mouth, I slightly jerked his penis to him. A member began to grow in my mouth, gradually filling it. Suddenly, the chef took me by the chin, stopping my movements.

“Well, Boris Lvovich, tomorrow I will be with you,” he said and hung up.

- Well done, you understand everything without words. - he said to me. - Now stand up and pour me a skate.

I silently got up and went to the coffee table where the brandy stood.

- How is the hole in the ass? Does it hurt? - he asked.

- A little, Yuri Ivanovich.

- This is out of habit. One more time and get used to it. I looked well prepared for the "evening report"

- I try, Yuri Ivanovich.

The chef got up, took a sip of brandy.

- How are we gonna fuck your ass today? - he asked

- You know better.

- Yes. I know better. Stand on that chair with cancer and pull out your ass - he gestured to a large guest chair standing near the coffee table.

I knelt on a chair, lowered my head and tried to push my ass out of the way.

- Very well - I heard the approval of the chef. However, apparently, he was in no hurry to plant my ass. I stood without pants, sipped cognac and looked at me in that position. Finally, grunting after a big gulp, he approached me. Several times he held a member between my buttocks, each time slightly pressing my hole. Once again, driving a member, he suddenly, sharply pressed on my anus. Under pressure, the walls of the anus expanded and his penis, thanks to the lubricant, fairly easily penetrated me. I just had time to gasp. Chef moved his ass, planting it all the way. I felt his balls cling to my buttocks.

- You see, everything is already easier - said the chief and began to move the member, gradually speeding up the pace.

Indeed, thanks to the lubricant, I almost did not feel pain. I started to move my booty, trying to get into the beat of a member's movement. The chef suddenly stopped moving, leaving me to do it. “Well done, and now let's change the situation,” said the chief and took out a member of the priests. I got up.

- And now sit down in a chair on his heels, turning his back to me - said the chief.

- So the legs can be tired - I replied, realizing what he wants.

- It will not be long - the chief assured me.

I climbed my feet on the chair, dangling the ass over the floor, hands grabbed the armrests.

- So? - I asked

- Yes - answered the chef, attaching himself from behind.

I felt his dick from the bottom pressed into my hole. I made a booty movement downward, as if sitting on it, but on the contrary, it made a movement upwards. A member entered the ass like clockwork, and began to walk up and down faster and faster. Two minutes later, when I felt that my legs were starting to get tired, my chief breathed quickly.

- Now, at my command, as soon as I pull the dick, you will quickly sit down in a chair - he said. I nodded that I understood.

- Come on - almost shouted the chief, abruptly pulling a member of the priests.

I quickly turned around, almost falling into the chair, and immediately saw his cock in front of my mouth.

- Suck - ordered the chef, and I quickly took his dick in his mouth. After a few seconds, he began to twitch in my mouth, then I felt like a jet splashed me right on the tonsils. The second is also in the tonsils, only the third I felt in my language. I swallowed, then licked my tongue. Licking my cock properly, I moved to his balls. At first I just licked them, then took them in my mouth. She looked at the chef, he stood with his eyes closed, apparently getting great pleasure.

- Go, wash yourself - he finally told me - Today it will be easier. You will not squeeze the sperm from the priests.

- Well - I got up from the chair.

In the toilet, I rinsed my mouth from the remnants of sperm, then washed my ass over a bidet.

Returning and remembering yesterday, put on her shoes, remaining naked to the waist below, made coffee. When I brought the coffee to the chef, he silently turned me around, made me bend over and spread my buttocks apart.

- Oh well. Today is already better. Tomorrow we will try another pose. I will take you - he said.

The next nine days, with the exception of weekends, he raped my ass in all sorts of poses. I lay down on my back on the table, lifted my legs, put it on his hands, and he did a great job, he planted me in a point. She knelt on a chair with wheels, pulling her butt out, and the chef, holding me by the hips, moved the chair back and forth, naturally thrusting the dick in the ass. I lay down in the guest chair on my back, he bent my legs almost to the head and so fucked my ass. I lay down on the sofa, and I sat on his dick, putting a dick in the point. At the same time, he forced me to turn around while sitting on the penis, either facing him or back. I just put my stomach on the sofa, lay down on top. Fucked lying on your side. My hole did not hurt after the second time, and the member came into my anus much easier. I myself tried to invent some poses, as I enjoyed this sex. “And as I used to think that anal sex is disgusting,” I thought more than once after an orgasm.

Everything ends sometime. I would like to finish my story on an optimistic note. But ... The chef flew away on Sunday. He warned all employees that the working day on Friday would be even shorter than usual, as he arranges a small banquet in honor of his departure. The day before, he gave me a bottle of French perfume and said that tomorrow I would have another surprise.

- Which one? Is it about sex? - I asked.

“You will see,” he answered. - I think you should like it - and smiled meaningfully.

The banquet was really modest, though the drinks were decent and everyone at three o'clock in the afternoon began to go home drunk. I also drank to feel more relaxed. Boris Lvovich, our head of the city administration, arrived at the banquet. A couple of times I caught his immodest glance. He was staring at my legs and ass with undisguised lust. “Here is a freak. After all, he is over 50, and all there too. In addition, pot-bellied, hairy and nasty. I will call him a Pusan, ”I thought, not paying attention to his lustful looks. I got used to such views.

- You're coming Nadia - the girls asked me, going home.

- No linger. They should come after me in half an hour - I lied.

- Goodbye then.

- Happily.

About eighteen minutes later the chief looked in.

“Come down to my office and get ready,” he said. “And for the time being, I’ll check if everyone’s gone.”

- Should I get undressed by your arrival? As always to the waist?

- Yes. As always. If necessary, then posri and podmysya properly.

- “By and large” I do not want. And the promised surprise will be?

- It will be - answered the chef and somehow strangely hemmed.

“I wonder what he came up with. It seems that there is nothing to invent. If you only shove a vibrator in your pussy and fuck it in the ass, ”I thought, going to the boss’s office. Going into the office, I undressed to the waist, left only in a blouse and shoes. I went to the toilet, put my finger in the anal passage. He easily entered there, he felt a two-week daily "training." She led them there, then pulled out to see if there were traces of feces. The passage was clean. I wondered if I should not smear the hole right away. Then she decided that the boss likes to do it himself. Coming out of the closet, I headed for the coffee table, where there were unfinished bottles from the banquet. I splashed a martini into my glass, diluted it with a sprite. I sat down in a chair and lit a cigarette. I smoked a cigarette and finished the martini. Chef all was not. “Where did my dick go?” - I thought and slowly looked out into the waiting room, remembering that she was only half dressed. There was no one at the reception. I opened the door of the reception room and heard the voice of the chief, who gave the last, as I understood, instructions to the guard. Then the voice died away, and I quickly ran into the office. Then an idea came to my mind. I ran to the meeting table. She bent down, propped her chin on her hand, pulled her ass straight out the door and crossed her legs. It turned out, in my opinion, very sexy. Immediately before entering, my bare legs and my naked butt appeared. At the same time, it turned out that I did not see who entered and was fascinated by the fact that I was looking out the window opposite.

I heard footsteps in the reception then the sound of the door being opened.

- Surprise! - I exclaimed and several times I wagged my booty, without turning around, not seeing who entered, because no one would have put his head in his office except for the chief. Moreover, all are long gone.

- A beautiful surprise - said the chef - Well, how do you like this pop, Boris Lvovich?

“What else is Boris Lvovich?” Flashed through my mind.

- Pop what you need Yuri Ivanovich. Very delicious ass. You say you designed it properly? - I heard the voice of Boris Lvovich.

I turned sharply. At the door stood the chef and Puzan, who avidly looked at me. Inside, I fell everything Hands mechanically closed pubis. I sat down slightly, cross-legged. “But what is it?” I thought, standing before them and realizing that I had nowhere to go. Yes, and it is impossible to do anything, considering how I look.

- Boris Lvovich for the mood for the mood - he said, as if nothing had happened, the chief went to the table with drinks - I worked this ass for two weeks. Cooked for you, so to speak. You can imagine, I was the first to enter it. At the beginning, the point was small and very elastic.

- Nadya, you brandy or martini - the chief asked me - Relax girl. This is my surprise. Everything is done sometime for the first time. The first time you break the maid and after that you start to fuck, for the first time you shove it in the ass and then you put it in yourself. Today, for the first time, two of you are fucked at once. In life, everything must be tried so that “it would not be a shame for the years spent aimlessly”. I'm right, Boris Lvovich - said the chef, coming up to me with a martini glass.

- To the point of Jura. Right in the point ... In your point, Nadia - answered Puzan disgustedly giggling

- You'll see, you'll like it. Immediately two members in your two holes. Yes, you straighten. What squeezed. Do not build a hymen. In addition, it will not be just for fun. Thanks, Boris Lvovich? - turned chef to Pusan

- What is Yura talking about? Of course, let's thank it if it works well. At work and pay - Pausan took off his jacket, casually threw it on the sofa and pulled the tie knot.

- Take a glass. Drink - Chef put a martini glass to me.

I realized that I have no choice. There was nowhere to go. "Well. Let's try something to fuck with these bastards. I came across specifically, ”I thought, removed my hands from the pubis, straightened up and took the glass.

“Good,” I replied. - Where do we start?

But this is another story with a different name.

Who likes it or who wants to talk about it - write